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Shanghai Zhengcheng Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, established in 1994, focusing on project contracting and equipment supply for farming, animal husbandry and food, mainly covering all kinds of complete equipment for the breeding industry / complete equipment for various feed factories / complete sets for grain storage General contracting for the design, manufacture and installation of various equipment and structures above equipment / steel structure workshops and warehouses

    Shanghai Zhengcheng is an integrated solution provider that integrates the overall plant design, production process design, building structure design, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. For more than 20 years, we have accumulated rich experience in the construction of agricultural, animal husbandry and food industry projects, and have built more than 100 feed plants, more than 200 livestock and poultry farms, dozens of water plant farms, and 1 million square meters of structural factories. In order to promote the improvement of product quality and production efficiency in Chinese feed factories and farms, we rely on overseas advantages and continue to introduce international frontier concepts, technologies, processes and equipment, especially in automation, intelligence, visualization and traceability in recent years. , Production safety, food safety and other aspects, can meet the individual needs of the owners, while creating a real high rate of return for the owners.

      Personalized design, grounding gas price, intimate service. Shanghai Zhengcheng fits the development direction of feed plant and farm project construction! Shanghai Zhengcheng's products and services are catapults for the start of your business and a catalyst for the expansion of your business!